Misdiagnosis of Stroke

If you are facing the possibility of a stroke, every moment counts in identifying the problem and immediately beginning treatment. Any delay or error in diagnosing a stroke can have devastating, if not deadly, results.

If you or a loved one suffered because of a misdiagnosed stroke, there are legal steps you can take to hold the doctors, hospital, nurses and staff accountable for the pain you suffered due to their mistakes.

At Izzo Law Office, our attorneys fight for justice for stroke victims and their families when the stroke could have been prevented had doctors and staff taken proper steps to diagnose the symptoms. We understand that our efforts will not reverse the effects of the stroke, but we can help achieve justice for you and your family.

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Fighting For Accountability Following The Misdiagnosis Of A Stroke

Some of the most common symptoms of a stroke include:

  • Weakness or numbness affecting one side of the body, usually occurring all of a sudden
  • Loss of your senses, speech (and ability to understand speech), coordination and strength
  • Severe headaches, mimicking a migraine, but often followed by loss of consciousness
  • Dizziness for no reason

Health care professionals are trained to identify the signs of a stroke, including the symptoms above, as well as other metrics. Negligence in diagnosing the situation directly harms the patient.

Our lawyers will carefully investigate how you were diagnosed and where the mistake occurred. This includes digging into the medical records and working with a trusted network of doctors and medical professionals to assess your situation and what should have been done to protect you.