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June 2014 Archives

Surgeon accused of surgical mistake during routine hysterectomy

It is a well-known fact here in New York that surgical procedures carry a number of health concerns and the risks of complications during and after surgery. It is simply part of the medical process. However, in some cases, complications can arise due to a surgical mistake by the surgeon. A patient from another state has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit after a mistake made by her surgeon in the operating room.

Jury finds in favor of mother and son in birth injury lawsuit

Babies are delivered every single day here in New York. While this should be a joyous day, it can often turn into a disaster when preventable birth injuries occur. Luckily, legal action can be taken to hold the responsible parties liable for careless medical care that may have resulted in a birth injury.

Woman awarded $12M after surgical mistake affected her life

New York residents may be interested in hearing about a woman who was recently awarded $12 million by a jury in a medical malpractice lawsuit in another state. The jury took more than three hours to deliberate. Ultimately, the jury came to the conclusion that the surgeon had indeed been negligent and made a surgical mistake.

Illinois wrongful death claim alleges medical malpractice

Regardless of whether a patient comes into the hospital for treatment of a minor scrape or severe chest pains, New York patients should be diagnosed, treated and cared for properly. After all, health professionals are required to do that. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. This may have been the case in a situation in another state where a physician and the hospital where he practices are both facing a wrongful death lawsuit which claims that they committed medical malpractice.

Nursing negligence leads to $650,000 settlement for family

When hospital negligence occurs in New York, it can be extremely harmful for many reasons. One such reason is because sometimes the harm that is caused can be virtually irreversible. In some cases, health care professionals have one chance to make the right decision regarding a patient's health. When that decision is made without proper care, it can have a devastating effect on a person. This was the case with a recent transplant procedure when nursing negligence affected the entire process.

Patients in New York can take steps to avoid wrong dosage of drug

More than 120,000 people are hospitalized every single year due to medication errors. These same errors cause 700,000 visits to the emergency room and 7,000 deaths annually in New York and across the country. A medication error can involve a patient receiving either the wrong dosage of a correct medication or the wrong drug entirely.