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September 2014 Archives

Errors may be hidden due to medical malpractice fears in New York

When a New York resident must go to a hospital for surgery or other procedure, they likely hope that their doctors will perform perfectly. If doctors are not perfect, they could potentially make a mistake that leads to additional illness or injury to patients. Such outcomes could lead to negative effects that patients may have to contend with for an extended period of time, and as a result, they may wish to consider medical malpractice claims.

Kidney stone surgical mistake possible cause of man's paralysis

As New York residents are aware, every surgery has its own share of risks. However, there are instances that a surgical mistake occurs when it could have been completely avoided. It appears that this may have been what happened with a man from another state during a routine kidney stone removal surgery.

Doctor errors could lead New York residents to file claims

In some cases, New York residents may be able to pinpoint what is causing them pain and be able to take care of the issue themselves. However, in many cases, individuals may not know what is causing them pain or other symptoms of a possible illness. As a result, they often turn to doctors in order to receive a diagnosis. Unfortunately, if there are doctor errors or negligence, a person could potentially not receive the correct treatment for their illness and may wish to file a claim.

Womans claims that her physician prescribed wrong drug

Medication is prescribed for a number of reasons, from treating migraines to curing skin rashes. When New York residents visit their physician, before they are prescribed anything, they are typically asked if they are allergic to any medications. Unfortunately, even when a patient says he or she is allergic to a specific drug, he or she may still be prescribed a medication that has the drug in it. This appears to be the case with a woman from another state who is now suing for receiving the wrong drug.

Hospital negligence possibly to blame for girl's fractured wrist

Most New York residents think of a blood draw as a routine procedure. A trip to a medical office to have their blood drawn, followed by a needle stuck in a vein and the blood draw itself. The patient is typically on their way after just a few moments. Unfortunately, one little girl from another state was not so lucky, and her parents are now claiming hospital negligence.

Lawsuit claims medical malpractice complicated boy's injury

One of the many pleasures of childhood in New York is bike riding during the warmer months. As fun and healthy as the activity can be, it can also lead to dangerous injuries. A recent out-of-state lawsuit claims that one boy's injury in a bicycle accident was complicated by medical malpractice.