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December 2014 Archives

Alleged surgical mistake leads to impaired speech, other issues

Everyone in New York understands that mistakes can happen at any time. In some cases, mistakes are simple and easily rectified, while, in others, mistakes are serious and could cause years of pain and suffering for an unfortunate individual. This is particularly true when it comes to health care. The potential impact of a medical mistake is one of the reasons why medical professionals are required to have years of education and extensive training before they are allowed to provide medical care. Unfortunately, even with a decade of learning and training, a surgical mistake can occur and cause a person a lifetime of pain.

Man allegedly develops infection due to nursing negligence

There is always some level of risk when one has surgery. Unfortunately, in cases in which physician or nursing negligence is present, one's risk of injury or infection quickly increases. In New York, there are legal options for patients who believe that they are victims of nursing negligence.