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Medication Errors Archives

Nurse gives wrong dosage on several occasions, surrenders license

A registered nurse in New York has been charged with negligence by the New York Education Department. She reportedly gave patients the wrong dosage of drugs on several different occasions. She has since surrendered her nursing license and admitted that she was guilty of medical negligence.

How to keep from falling victim to a prescription error

Thousands of individuals suffer from prescribing, receiving and taking the wrong medication every single year, including roughly 7,000 pediatric patients. This can have serious adverse effects on the body. In some cases, it can result in the fatality of the individual. For that reason, it is crucial that New York residents do their part in preventing a prescription error from happening to them.

Womans claims that her physician prescribed wrong drug

Medication is prescribed for a number of reasons, from treating migraines to curing skin rashes. When New York residents visit their physician, before they are prescribed anything, they are typically asked if they are allergic to any medications. Unfortunately, even when a patient says he or she is allergic to a specific drug, he or she may still be prescribed a medication that has the drug in it. This appears to be the case with a woman from another state who is now suing for receiving the wrong drug.

Suit says prescription error rendered patient unable to walk

When a patient visits the emergency room or their family care provider in New York, they are often prescribed medication to help treat their condition. Sometimes, more than one medication can be prescribed. Unfortunately, a physician may not take proper care in determining how these medications will react to one another when taken together. This can result in dangerous conditions arising, possibly even death, due to a prescription error.

Prescription error can be linked to 7,000 child deaths annually

New York residents may be aware of the fact that medication errors occur. However, one may not put much thought into just how often they happen, especially in children. Studies show that as many as 27 percent of medication orders for pediatric patients are wrong in terms of drug or dosage. This leads to roughly 7,000 unnecessary deaths every year in the United States due to a prescription error.

New York hospital introduces robots to reduce wrong drug errors

Medication errors are a huge problem in today's society. Whether it is the wrong dosage or wrong drug, medication errors occur more frequently than anyone would like. From 2004 to 2008, the error rate increased over 50 percent. Because of this, a robotic RIVA IV system is being used in several hospitals in the United States, including here in New York.

Patients in New York can take steps to avoid wrong dosage of drug

More than 120,000 people are hospitalized every single year due to medication errors. These same errors cause 700,000 visits to the emergency room and 7,000 deaths annually in New York and across the country. A medication error can involve a patient receiving either the wrong dosage of a correct medication or the wrong drug entirely.

CVS sued by woman after receiving wrong dosage of prescription

Most New York residents put trust in their physicians and pharmacists that they will provide proper medical care, medications and dosages of drugs. In fact, most never give a second thought to their prescription once they receive it from their pharmacist. It is just assumed that a medical professional would provide accurate instructions and the proper dosage of medication. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and wrong dosage prescriptions can be given, which may result in serious harm.

Doctors should ask questions to reduce risk of prescription error

A new study reports that open-ended questions may be the tactic that physicians and medical staff need to prevent -- or the very least minimize -- prescription errors. A prescription error can range from giving the wrong dosage to the wrong drug entirely. Either way, there is a risk for serious short- and long-term harm for New York patients.

A prescription error could be at fault for a death in the home

When someone is sick in New York, they will generally visit the doctor or the Emergency Room, depending on their individual situation and the time of day or night it is. Further, patients expect the the medical professionals they see will be able to safely and effectively nurse them back to health. In some cases, this may require a shot in the office, a dose of antibiotics or even a prescription narcotic for pain. However, doctors see hundreds of patients in any given day, and unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a prescription error to occur.