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Posts tagged "medical expenses"

Lawsuit claims medical malpractice complicated boy's injury

One of the many pleasures of childhood in New York is bike riding during the warmer months. As fun and healthy as the activity can be, it can also lead to dangerous injuries. A recent out-of-state lawsuit claims that one boy's injury in a bicycle accident was complicated by medical malpractice.

Doctor errors may result in misdiagnosis of breast cancer

Women in West Virginia and across the country should typically undergo mammograms once every two years once they reach age 50. When someone undergoes a mammogram, they expect it to be read accurately so that they know whether they are at risk for breast cancer or if a mass has already developed. Unfortunately, doctor errors occur and mammograms can sometimes be misread.

Jury finds in favor of mother and son in birth injury lawsuit

Babies are delivered every single day here in New York. While this should be a joyous day, it can often turn into a disaster when preventable birth injuries occur. Luckily, legal action can be taken to hold the responsible parties liable for careless medical care that may have resulted in a birth injury.

Newborn suffers permanent brain injury, family suing hospital

New York hospitals are expected to provide a certain standard of care when patients are admitted for medical treatment. Unfortunately, many hospitals are understaffed, which can lead to a wide number of issues. Right now, three families are going head-to-head with a hospital after mistakes were allegedly made in the delivery room due to apparent negligence and understaffing, with one of the cases resulting in permanent brain injury to an infant.

Elderly woman wins medical malpractice claim after botched call

An elderly woman in New York recently put her faith into an ambulance crew that was to provide adequate care when they answered her 911 call for help. The 65-year-old woman has recently been awarded a $1.25 million settlement for medical expenses, pain and suffering after this botched 911 call. A New York Supreme Court jury made this decision following two weeks of a medical malpractice trial.