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Posts tagged "Hospital negligence"

Hospital negligence possibly to blame for girl's fractured wrist

Most New York residents think of a blood draw as a routine procedure. A trip to a medical office to have their blood drawn, followed by a needle stuck in a vein and the blood draw itself. The patient is typically on their way after just a few moments. Unfortunately, one little girl from another state was not so lucky, and her parents are now claiming hospital negligence.

Hospital negligence suit after patient was allegedly dropped

It is a sad but true fact: hospital negligence occurs much more frequently than we would like. This is true here in New York as well as across the rest of the nation. Currently, a woman's son is filing a lawsuit against a hospital in another state where he alleges hospital negligence injured his ailing mother.

Simple doctor errors lead to meningitis and $2.88 million suit

Typically, when someone is hurt, that person will go to the doctor, trusting that the trained professional will help them. Unfortunately, doctor errors can occur, in New York and the rest of the country, and these errors can have tragic consequences. The family of a man who contracted meningitis and then subsequently committed suicide sued the pain clinic, and they were recently awarded a $2.88 million verdict.

Jury awards $5.4 million in amputation involving doctor errors

Amputations have been the subject of a considerable number of medical malpractice claims. Carelessness in the treatment of circulatory problems and the failure to spot advancing infections can constitute medical negligence. In addition to doctor errors, hospital negligence in New York and other states has caused unnecessary amputations when the wrong limb is amputated or even when a limb is mistakenly amputated in a surgery scheduled for some other procedure.

Hospital negligence leads to more harm by nuerosurgeon

When it comes to personal health and wellness, few individuals are given more trust than doctors. For many New York residents, hospitals and doctors and their supporting staff are the catalyst to continued health and well-being. Unfortunately, not all doctors or hospitals operate in a way that is deserving of that trust. Hospitals that continue to employ doctors who do not conduct themselves in ways that honor their oaths and responsibilities to their patients may find themselves facing hospital negligence suits.

Hospitals should change dress code to reduce infections

Hospital-acquired infections can be very risky for patients in New York. Hospital patients are more susceptible to infections due to their medical conditions and suppressed immune systems. This means that hospital patients are more likely to acquire an infection, and after they do, it is harder for their body to fight off the infection.

$2.25 million for hospital negligence of interest to New York

Hospitals are typically the place people will go when they have been in an accident or are concerned about severe pain. These patients fully expect hospital personnel to take whatever steps are necessary to relieve their pain and speed them on the road to recovery. New York residents who believe they have received substandard medical care may be interested in a recent jury award to the family of a New Mexico woman who was the victim of hospital negligence and died as a result.

How does your hospital rank? You'll probably never know

Most patients don't plan on going to the hospital or have a long time to consider which hospital to go to during an emergency situation. In other cases, a person's health insurance dictates which hospital they can go to. Hospitals are supposed to safely care for patients and hopefully result in the patient leaving healthier than when they arrived. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case.

Patient care different across New England based on doc preference

Dartmouth researchers recently conducted a study across three New England states. The researchers found that patient care varied greatly in pediatric patients for similar issues. The care that patients received was often determined by a doctors preference, and not entirely on the needs of the patient. Patients in some geographic areas had more emergency room visits than others. Some had their tonsils taken out more frequently, and there was a large variance across the region in how tests were conducted.

Religious directives at many hospitals threaten patient safety

According to ABC News, one out of every six Americans receive care at a hospital that adheres to certain religious doctrines which have led to patient harm in the past. Like physicians, hospitals have a duty of care to adhere to certain medically recognized standards when treating patients. If a facility fails to honor its patient duty of care, it may be held accountable for hospital negligence. When religious doctrine and patient standards of care collide, patients may suffer serious consequences justified by tenants of a faith they may or may not practice.