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Posts tagged "Birth injuries"

Mom says doctor to blame for child's birth injury

New York residents are likely aware that birth injuries can occur during the labor and delivery process if complications arise. They can also result from improper medical care while pregnant. A woman from another state filed a lawsuit against her obstetrician, claiming that the doctor is at fault for her baby's birth injury.

Jury finds in favor of mother and son in birth injury lawsuit

Babies are delivered every single day here in New York. While this should be a joyous day, it can often turn into a disaster when preventable birth injuries occur. Luckily, legal action can be taken to hold the responsible parties liable for careless medical care that may have resulted in a birth injury.

Birth injuries: What constitutes a full-term pregnancy?

Welcoming a new family member into the world is usually a very exciting experience. In preparing for birth, expecting parents might take every precaution to help ensure the health of their child. In this process, mothers might rely on the advice they receive from their doctor. Failure to provide sound medical guidance can have very serious consequences for mothers and their children.

The damaging effects of cerebral palsy and when to file a lawsuit

Any soon-to-be parents in New York know that a healthy baby is the best gift any parent can ask for. And while parents can do everything in their power to ensure that their baby is taken care of before it is born, the birth of the baby is dependant on the medical team assisting the mother.