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Posts tagged "Surgical errors"

Kidney stone surgical mistake possible cause of man's paralysis

As New York residents are aware, every surgery has its own share of risks. However, there are instances that a surgical mistake occurs when it could have been completely avoided. It appears that this may have been what happened with a man from another state during a routine kidney stone removal surgery.

Did a surgical error lead to a man's amputated penis?

Surgical errors occur more often than anyone would like. In some cases, a New York resident may go into the operating room for one procedure, yet have a completely different surgery performed. When this happens and an unnecessary procedure is performed, a patient likely has grounds to file a medical malpractice suit against the individuals responsible for the surgical error.

Surgical error often leads to uneven legs after hip surgery

Each year, over 300,000 individuals undergo surgery for a hip replacement. Over the course of the next 15 years, it is expected for that number to increase by double. With each added surgery, the chance of a complication increases. Hip replacement surgeries -- in New York and across the nation -- are known for a particular major complication: one leg being shorter or longer than the other leg, which is often the result of a surgical error.

Surgical error leads to lawsuit for wrongful pregnancy

When a couple wants to conceive a baby, finding out that they are pregnant can be a time of pure bliss. However, many couples in New York undergo certain sterilization procedures so that they cannot conceive. Unfortunately, when these procedures fail, a couple can be burdened with an unexpected pregnancy. After a surgical error, this is what happened for one woman and her family in another state.

Can a new software reduce the possibility of a surgical error?

For those in New York who are going into surgery, as well as their families, the thought of a surgical mistake occurring during surgery may cause them to lose a fair amount of sleep at night. Well, it's not happening to just them. Being familiar with the risk a surgical error poses on a patient and their family, a software engineer in another state is on the verge of developing software that could help keep some surgical errors at bay.

Joint Commission issues warnings to hospitals

In our last post, we highlighted the dangers of surgical tools being left in patients. According to The Joint Commission, more than 800 surgical patients have had tools and other materials left in them since 2005. Because patient safety during surgical procedures is such a prominent issue, we find it prudent to highlight another important facet of the Joint Commission report.